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Create clean and fully-funcitonal JavaScript code very quickly
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If you are a web designer, a web-applications developer or a general programmer, definitely you should give JetBrains WebStorm a try. It is a novel software tool specialized in helping you create a clean and fully functional JavaScript code in a fraction of the time it would usually take. Features such as automatic error detection, code completion and words coloring definitely warranty that.

Even though this program is offered as a JavaScript IDE, its powerful features actually turn it into much more than a simple IDE. In fact, one of its most helpful assets is that it easily integrates with other tools to perform complementary tasks such as unit testing, code debugging and refactoring. JetBrains WebStorm also integrates with other kinds of external tools such as VCSs, REST clients, test runners and others, all in a native way. In addition, the program is also designed to work with popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as AngularJS and Node.js. Using this new version of the program, you can easily refactor a React component into two with very little effort, just to mention a small interesting example.

The program's user interface is a bit dull and not precisely intuitive or easy to use, however, you can select an alternative skin to make it a bit more clear. Using it requires a good level of knowledge and familiarity with JavaScript and all the related terminology, especially if you plan to use any of the supported external tools or frameworks. When you create a new project, you can select among multiple templates including HTML5 Boilerplate, React App, Bootstrap, Foundation, AngularJS, Angular CLI, React Native, Node.js Express App, Cordova App and others, or you can simply opt for an empty project. Also, you can enable/disable an event log window with one click, which shows you detailed information about all the important events that take place during the program's usage.

As you can see, JetBrains WebStorm includes countless useful tools and features for web programmers and developers. The program is natively compatible with all versions of Windows from XP -both 32 and 64-bit editions-, so that there's no pretext not to give it a try.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Includes automatic error detection, code completion and words coloring
  • Integrates with external tools to perform complementary tasks
  • Works with popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries
  • Select among multiple popular templates to create a project
  • Supports event logging
  • Supports all versions and editions of MS Windows from XP


  • Has a dull user interface
  • Not particularly intuitive or easy to use
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